Coca-Cola Remote Jobs (Data Entry) – No Experience $25/Hr

Coca-Cola Remote Jobs (Data Entry) – No Experience $25/Hr

Job Responsibilities: Consultant, Global Equity

Salary: $25/Hour

Company: The Coca-Cola Company

Location: Montana, USA

Educational Requirements: Bachelor Degree

Full Job Description:-

At The Coca-Cola Company, we’re extra than only a beverage company. We are a worldwide network that believes withinside the electricity of diversity, fairness, and inclusion. We are dedicated to sustainability and enhancing people’s lives thru our actions. As a Consultant, Global Equity, you may be part of this mission. Coca-Cola Remote Jobs (Data Entry) – No Experience

What You’ll Do for Us

  • As a Consultant, Global Equity, you’ll make contributions to a group that supplies inventory plan management by:
  • Performing every day, weekly, and month-to-month pro-energetic facts audits to make sure operational compliance of fairness-primarily based totally long-time period incentive plans and inventory buy plans
  • Processing the discharge of Performance Share Unit (PSU), Restricted Stock Unit (RSU), and inventory buy plan Matching proportion awards
  • Reviewing fairness transaction activity, which includes transactions associated with inventory choice exercises, RSU and PSU releases and inventory buy plan activities, to make sure correct and well timed buy, release, settlement, and reporting
  • Researching, tracking, and responding to questions obtained from participants, method companions or different stakeholders
  • Supporting fairness-primarily based totally long-time period incentive award furnish method and inventory buy plan enrollment activities
  • Producing ad-hoc facts analytics or reporting in guide of ongoing operations, Coca-Cola Remote Jobs (Data Entry) – No Experience
  • Reviewing and preserving fairness management methods and documentation
  • Performing different fairness plan management tasks, as requested

Qualifications & Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree or equal paintings revel in preferred
  • At least 1 year of revel in in inventory plan management, payroll, tax, accounting, or comparable area preferred
  • Experience operating with a number of inventory plan merchandise inclusive of inventory options, Performance Share Units, Restricted Stock Units, and inventory buy plans is preferred
  • Demonstrated cappotential to study new tools, systems, and methods quickly
  • Understanding of HRIS systems (Workday in particular), methods and interrelationships of facts transfers
  • Ability to investigate and convert findings into precise actionable recommendations
  • Functional Skills, Coca-Cola Remote Jobs (Data Entry) – No Experience
  • Strong interest to detail
  • Clear communicator
  • Data analysis
  • Customer provider focus

What We’ll Do For You

  • Be a part of a various group-surroundings among fairly professional professionals.
  • Work in a clearly global surroundings with every day interplay with people from specific countries, functions, and cultures. Coca-Cola Remote Jobs (Data Entry) – No Experience


  • Data Analysis; Accounting; Customer-Focused; Incentive Plans; Payroll; Stock Options; Equities; Stock Plan Administration; Cross-Functional Teamwork; Detail-Oriented


  • At Coca‑Cola, we empower our personnel throughout the globe to prioritize their improvement via way of means of constructing competencies and taking up new experiences.
  • We offer readability on wherein you stand inside the company through professional plans and conversations that place you inside the driver’s seat of your non-public improvement. At Coca‑Cola, you very own your adventure in a manner that works for you.
  • We are steadfast in our conviction that a numerous, equitable, and inclusive place of business enriches our organization and strengthens our worldwide impact. Harnessing the awesome variety of our gifted group of workers, we propose to invigorate the arena and foster advantageous change.
  • Our long-term period objectives embody 3 key objectives: 1) cultivating a group of workers that displays the numerous markets we serve 2) striving for fairness for all of us 3) putting the usual for an inclusive place of business and celebrating uniqueness.
  • At The Coca‑Cola Company, we understand the price of making an investment in our human beings and presenting a quite aggressive imparting – Total Rewards. It’s a key part of your standard worker experience of running at Coca‑Cola. Total Rewards represent the entire price you acquire from the organization – through base pay, incentives, and blessings. To praise your contributions, we provide applications and sources that offer economic incentives, fitness, protection, and help with your standard wellness.
  • In addition to presenting aggressive blessings and rewards, we price and help the wellness of our personnel at Coca‑Cola. We consider that wellness is ready for you having the help, sources, and versatility to REFRESH YOURSELF. To help your wellness, Coca‑Cola gives some worldwide applications that will help you live lively and healthy, be financially prepared, and help your intellectual wellness. We additionally provide an inclusive lifestyle and versatility to experience and be your best.
  • Mobile and virtual platforms impart alternatives to music pastimes and habits, take part in challenges, get everyday wellness tips, and get admission to virtual training pathways.
  • Mindfulness apps assist your intellectual wellness through meditation periods and publications that assist with problems from snoozing problems to decreasing pressure to boosting your standard temper and outlook.
  • Mental fitness help software presents loose counseling periods and help for more than a few non-public and expert challenges.
  • Financial education & getting to know software imparting assessments, online publications, articles, videos, calculators and equipment that will help you plan your economic future.
  • On-call for health app presenting get admission to masses of on-call for health instructions in more than a few activities, which include running, cycling, HIIT training, power training, yoga, boxing, barre, and more.
  • Coca-Cola Remote Jobs (Data Entry) – No Experience

We are taking the planned movement to nurture an inclusive lifestyle that is grounded in our business enterprise purpose, to refresh the arena and make a difference. We act with a boom mindset, take an expansive technique to what’s feasible and accept as true with non-stop getting to know to enhance our enterprise and ourselves. We cognizance of 4 key behaviors – curious, empowered, inclusive and agile – and cost how we work as an awful lot as what we achieve. We accept as true that our lifestyle is one of the motives our business enterprise maintains to thrive after 130+ years. The Coca‑Cola Company is a worldwide network of passionate dreamers, builders, doers and thinkers and we’re seeking to encourage the following generation. Discover the innovation that drives us and the humans at the back of it all. Coca-Cola Remote Jobs (Data Entry) – No Experience

While the specific rules and responsibilities of companies in the United States can vary depending on factors such as industry, size, and location, there are some common rules and responsibilities that many companies adhere to. Here are a few examples:

  1. Compliance with labor laws: Companies in the United States are required to comply with various labor laws, such as the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which establishes minimum wage, overtime pay, and child labor standards. They must also adhere to laws related to workplace safety and health, including the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA).
  2. Equal employment opportunity: Companies are expected to provide equal employment opportunities to all individuals, regardless of their race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or genetic information. This includes complying with laws such as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  3. Payroll and tax obligations: Companies are responsible for properly handling payroll, including calculating and withholding taxes from employees’ wages, and submitting the required tax payments to federal, state, and local tax authorities. They must also provide employees with necessary tax forms, such as W-2s.
  4. Workplace safety and security: Companies must provide a safe and secure work environment for their employees. This includes implementing safety protocols, providing necessary safety training, maintaining equipment and facilities, and addressing potential hazards.
  5. Non-discrimination and harassment policies: Many companies have policies in place to prevent discrimination and harassment in the workplace. These policies often include procedures for reporting and addressing complaints, as well as consequences for violators.
  6. Privacy and data protection: Companies are expected to handle the personal and sensitive information of their employees and customers responsibly. This may involve implementing measures to protect data privacy, complying with applicable data protection laws, and informing individuals about the collection, use, and storage of their personal information.
  7. Ethical conduct and corporate social responsibility: Companies are encouraged to conduct their business ethically and responsibly. This may include promoting fair trade practices, adhering to environmental regulations, supporting social causes, and practicing transparency in their operations.
Coca-Cola Remote Jobs (Data Entry) – No Experience $25/Hr
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